Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cebu City Marathon 2012

What:      3rd Cebu City Marathon
When:     January 8, 2012
Where:    Cebu City
Distance: 42 km

Brief Description:

This event culminated our 8-day(January 1-8, 2012) Cebu vacation.  Nervous, even though this is already my 2nd Full Marathon.  The first was already 4months ago.  I was injured that time, so I was hoping to just finish this race injury-free.  Enjoyed the SRP(South Road Project) route, between 10th km - 19th km, even though it was a little dark by that time, since I get to appreciate the seaside view fronting Mactan Island, and Cebu City itself.  Was not able to capture photos of  more landmarks of Cebu since the camera's battery went off soon.  After dwelling here for 6years(about 10yrs ago),  I didn't know Cebu City was kinda hilly until I ran it. Good thing hydration stations are well-spaced apart and some Sinulog Bands convoyed us,too.  Two Thumbs Up for the organizers of this event for the job very-well done!


Printed Screen from the Interactive Map of Cebu City Marathon 2012 Website.


Arrived at the assembly area, Cebu I.T. Park(formerly Asiatown I.T. Park) in Lahug, Cebu City at 3:30am.  Met some of my Manila Running Friends.

With female elite Kenyan runner and friend Peris Poywo.

Spotted elite Triathlete Nonoy Jopson.

Gun starts at 4:00am for 42k category.  Photo courtesy of Michael Ocana: Sports Photography.

The Cebu Provincial Capitol Building, at about 2nd km.

The Magellan's Cross, at about 6th km.

One of the Hydration Stations also a "Cheering Station" at about 12th km.

City of Talisay, at about 18th km.

My husband John took this picture when we met at about 16th km, in Talisay City.  He is already on his way back to finish line.

At last, my support group!  Mainly my Daddy Jhun Lacre and my Sister Lorna (capturing this moment).  Passed this point again, in between Cebu City Hall and Magellan's Cross, at my 33rd km.  The Mass they attended at Basilica del Sto Nino just ended 10minutes ago.

My Sister Lorna.  She, like me, was used to be a runner, too.  We used to be sprinters during our high school years.  Seeing me and the other marathoners that passed them, she was inspired to get back to the road again.  

I wished I could take a back-ride from here on...

Some minutes of hydration break and "kulitan".

 So long, we agreed to meet at the Finish Line.  9km more to go!

"Hitting the Wall" point,  near Fuente Osmena Circle, at about 34th km.  The next hydration station seemed to be 100km away.  So hungry and tired, needed to walk, surprisingly with the others.  I found out from other post-event blogs that this was their "wall" part, too.  

Ups!  Photographer!  Smile!   And pretend to run. Thanks to Purrl for capturing these unforgettable moments...  This specific moment that I think I would never run a 42km again!

John's Finish Line moment courtesy of Mr Sydney Delos Reyes.  He finished 1hour 20minutes ahead of me.  
His official time 4:57.

About 50 meters more, so exhausted I thought I could never run a bit, John paced me to the Finish Line.  Photo courtesy of  Mr Abet Hernando Cabahug.

My Finish Line moment courtesy of Mr Sydney Delos Reyes.  Official time 6:17.  Shy of 14minutes from my first FM (Manila International Marathon 2011), but just can't thank God enough that it was finally over.  Big bonus that I was injury-free, unlike with my 1st FM, where I had alternating leg muscle cramps from 24th km onwards.

"Sabit Medal" moment courtesy of my new-found cousin Mr Edsel "The Running Pilot" Enriquez.

Proud Cebu City Marathon 42k Finisher!  Nice meeting you finally cousin Edsel Sir!

The running Cuestas couple finally reunited.

Our signature Medal Moment.

Proud Dad of two marathoners.

Lorna, my sister-nurse.  I know she has the potential to be an ultra-marathoner for her built-in endurance.

With the winner of the Best Costume, 2 years in a row.  Amazing marathoner of her age group.

Reunited with Manila co-runners.  Photos courtesy of Edrick. 

Some island relief post-run.

The Finisher's Shirt.

The CCM 2012 singlet we get to wear on our way home.

"The Three Mangoes", another precious medal to the collection!


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