Tuesday, February 21, 2012

42km 2nd Adventure Biking - Taguig to Hinulugan Taktak, Antipolo Rizal, v.v.

What:       Second Adventure Biking
When:      February 18, 2012
Where:     From Home in Taguig City to Hinulugan Taktak, Antipolo Rizal and Back
Distance:  42km

Brief Description: 

Fully recovered from our first 105km adventure bike to Daranak Falls in Tanay, Rizal, body now aching for the next one.  This time, the owner of our second bike, Mr. RR Gavina went with us.  We left home 10:30am.    It will be less than half of the distance than our 1st, so we had kinda relaxed bike mode, no hurry at all.  Hinulugan Taktak Falls paid off our efforts.  Hope you will enjoy riding with us.



Beside me is Mr. RR Gavina.

First stop, CICM Missionaries, Maryhill, Taytay, Rizal.  We have to stop here in the middle of this uphill climb since it already started to rain hard.  We rested for about 30minutes.

Seeing this arc is a relief from the already 10km+ journey, almost half of it are uphills.

Hinulugan Taktak Falls at last!  Took us 3 hours to get here.

View of Hinulugan Taktak Falls from above.

Another biking couple honeymooning in this falls.

Hinulugan Taktak Falls.

Unlike in Daranak Falls, swimming here is prohibited.  Find out why when you get there.

Another picture-perfect view, thanks to a by-stander.

You can swim here though!  For a minimum fee of P15.00 only.

"Look-out, Kuya John!  Something is on your shirt!",  RR said.

A tiny local spider.

Dive on!

RR and John

Some stunts caught on cam by local kids.

Picnic Area

Stayed here for about an hour.  Got to go.

Kuya and his bestfriend.

A landmark in Sumulong Circle.

Braving the highway back in Taytay Rizal.

Ups!  Fiesta?

I thought so, since a parade was going on.

So much of the parade, time for our lunch (at 4pm).

Some "pasalubong" items we could not bring with us.

The last landmark we shot, somewhere in Pasig.
Arrived home safe at 5pm.  Took us 6.5 hours for this trip.
Once we get home, we were already planning for our 3rd Biking Adventure.  Watch out for it!


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